Temporary Graduate Visa: The Key to Your Australian Dream


Overseas students who have just finished their education in Australia and want to live and work there for a while frequently choose the Temporary Graduate Visa 485. It enables graduates to launch their professions in Australia and acquire relevant work experience. 

Both undergraduate and graduate students can receive the visa, which has a validity period ranging from 18 months to four years depending on the degree acquired.

For individuals who want to live there permanently, the Temporary Graduate Visa 485, which offers a pathway to possible permanent residency through the skilled immigration system, is a perfect place.

Australian Migration Services can help with the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 registration process, offering advice and assistance to guarantee an easy and successful application.

Overseas students can take a big step in realizing their dream of living in Australia by earning vital work placement and possibly ensuring their career in the nation with the Temporary Graduate Visa 485.

Types of Temporary Graduate Visa 

If you wanted to apply for a temporary graduate visa you must have some basic knowledge of this visa. So here we mentioned some basic knowledge. So with their help of them, you can get your visa easily.

  1. Post-study work stream
  • This is for overseas graduates from universities accredited by Australia who wish to continue their professional careers there.
  • Within six months of finishing their degree, applicants must file for this post-study work stream visa in order to be considered.
  • The duration of this visa might range from one to four years, based on the courses they took.

2. Graduate Work Stream

  • This is for overseas graduates who have the qualifications to work in any of the occupations in the category of skilled occupations.
  • In order to accomplish the long-term and short aims of the Australian Labor Market, knowledge and abilities should be perfectly linked.
  • This visa must be applied for within six months after the course’s completion, and it allows for stays of up to 2 years.

What Criteria must You Meet to be Eligible?

If you wanted to apply for a temporary graduate visa you must have some criteria to be eligible for this visa. Here are shown some criteria must you have for a temporary graduate visa; 

  • You must be under 50 years old.
  • Whenever you submit a request, you must be in Australia.
  • While traveling to Australia on a 485 Graduate visa, you need to obtain private medical insurance.
  • After six months of submitting your visa application, you must fulfill the different study terms and possess your certificates.
  • Individuals must have their abilities evaluated by the applicable skills of audit leadership.
  • If you possess a visa from a certain country, you must have an IELTS rating of at least 6, with really no number lesser than 5.
  • Moreover, the English exam must be taken after 3 years of your registration.
  • You must not have previously had a short undergraduate or advanced postgraduate visa on your principal visa in Australia.

What is the Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa Application Process?

If you are an overseas student and wanted to work in Australia you can apply for a temporary graduate visa by the following steps ;

  • To learn more about the conditions for your Temporary graduate visa 485, speak with Australian migration services such as ADVISAPRO.
  • Assemble all the relevant paperwork, and ask the institution to certify your education.
  • You can begin the temporary graduate visa application process by going to the official website, with help from work permit visa agents.
  • Complete the work permit and include any required supporting documentation. In addition to paying the processing expenses for the visa.
  • After graduating, obtain a temporary graduate visa and begin exploring your job.

Visa Subclass 485 Advantages:-

Any Australian citizen who has completed their studies may apply for this visa, which offers a number of benefits to its owners:

  • A holder of visa category 485 may invite his or her parents to Australia on the same document.
  • Australia allows residents to live there even without a providing employer.
  • During the stay time, a person may work in Australia, hunt for employment, and, if they choose, file for a much more residency permit and move to Australia.
  • The visa subclass 485 permits guests to come to Australia for a term of 2 years while looking for work. You may live in Australia for 3 years with a postgraduate program and for four years with a doctorate.
  • Learners would also benefit from this visa because it would allow them to work while they are there, which would increase their scores in Australia’s points-based immigration policies and increase their chances of being granted lifelong citizenship.

Conclusion :

The Temporary Graduate Visa 485 is a popular choice for overseas students who want to work and live in Australia after completing their education. 

This visa offers pathways to possible permanent residency through the skilled immigration system, and Australian Migration Services can provide assistance with the registration process. The visa has many advantages, including the ability to invite parents to Australia and work while seeking employment. 

the Temporary Graduate Visa 485 can be the key to realizing one’s Australian dream, and Australian Migration Services can provide valuable guidance in the application process.

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