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The Timeline for the UK Gas Boiler Ban: What Homeowners Need to Know

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The UK government has announced a ban on new gas boiler installations in homes starting from 2035 as part of the country’s goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Homeowners need to plan for alternative heating systems, such as heat pumps or hybrid systems, to keep their homes warm and reduce their carbon footprint. From 2025, the installation of gas boilers will be restricted to existing homes with no feasible alternative, while from 2030, new builds will be required to have low-carbon heating systems.

To ensure a smooth transition to alternative heating systems, homeowners should have their existing gas boilers regularly serviced by reputable boiler servicing London companies. In case of any issues, professional boiler repairs in London companies should be sought to ensure their heating systems are in good working order before the ban comes into effect.

When are gas boilers being banned?

The UK government published it’s Heating and Housing Plan in 2021, describing the adjustments that would be made over the following few years to make buildings there more Eco friendly.

The method for banning gas boilers is broken down into two steps, which we’ve listed here.

  • First step: 2025

Gas boilers will be prohibited in any new construction starting in 2025. But, the government’s plans are still in their extremely initial stages, so this rule isn’t completely set in stone just yet.

According to the Heating and Housing Plan, the authorities will “consider stopping links to the gas line” to achieve the goal of making all new construction reduced by 2025.

  • Second step: 2035

 The Heating and Housing Strategy further notes that it intends to scale out the construction of natural gas boilers after 2035 in addition to the 2025 target.

This implies that you’ll have to purchase a low-carbon substitute instead of a replacement gas or oil boiler if your boiler breaks down after 2035.

Although they will eventually be gone out, gas boilers are still currently less expensive than electric boilers. If your boiler breaks down, there are so many boiler servicing London companies that provide the best service for your boiler.

  • Why Are Boilers Being Banned in the UK?

 To address worries about global warming and the continued Utilisation of carbon fuels, the government launched the 2050 Net Zero plan.

It is not unexpected that the UK currently uses natural gas boilers to warm 95% of its homes, as this contributes to half of the country’s overall emissions of greenhouse gases.

The government is promoting homeowners to replace outdated gas boilers with low-carbon, efficient energy options as part of its plan.

  • How will the ban on gas boilers affect you?

 The gas boiler prohibition will not yet have any implications for anyone.

But, anyone moving into a house constructed after 2025 will be required to utilise low-carbon heating techniques. Luckily, the government has recommended that low-carbon options be implemented as part of these new constructions.

Beginning in 2025, anyone developing their own home will also need to think about doing their self-installation of low-carbon heating solutions.

If this applies to you, be sure to look into any grant funding that is currently offered to UK homes; you may be able to use the Boiler Upgrade Plan to save some prices on a geothermal heat pump.

But, over the coming years, the majority of individuals will be affected by this.

  • How Will Gas Central Heating Boilers Be Replaced?

Electronic heaters for your residence and water are the most effective substitute for gas boilers. You can easily installed your boiler with the help of the best boiler repair London service provider. Contemporary electric heaters are extremely Customizable, super effective, and capable of warming big or elevated rooms with ease.

With this customization, you can set up Customised heat software to make sure you never waste money on energy.

These devices may be set up within a couple of minutes and are very simple to install. They can be installed in any area of the house, even regions where installing conventional heaters can be pricey, like basements, outbuildings, or conservatories.

A gas boiler can be perfectly substituted with a set of the electric shower rail, electrical heaters, and electric heating. For a lower cost per month, it could significantly increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Combined, these electric options can make sure your home complies with the government’s net zero standards and may help you save time, cash, and power for years to come.


The UK government plans to ban new gas boiler installations in homes from 2035 as part of its net-zero carbon emissions goal by 2050.

Homeowners should prepare for alternative heating systems, and gas boilers will be restricted to existing homes with no alternative from 2025, while new builds must have low-carbon heating systems from 2030.

Regular servicing by reputable boiler servicing London companies is recommended, as is seeking professional boiler repairs London companies. The government is promoting low-carbon heating options to address global warming and carbon fuel concerns.

Electric heaters are a viable alternative and can be easily installed with the help of boiler repair London service providers.

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